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Initial Site Assesment
The success of a project starts in the
planning of the project.

Our initial site assessment process considers the suitability and cost effectiveness of the project, addressing both on-site characteristics as well as utility interconnection potential, the likelihood of project approval, the degree of project difficulty, the cost of potential upgrades, and evaluating the project time-frame. We can also assist project developers in identifying and qualifying project sites and opportunities while providing fatal-flaw analysis.

In conclusion of the initial site assessment, we can provide PV system sizing, a site plan, multiple array layouts, a system electrical single line, along with the specifics found below:

Rooftop PV System site assessment
  • Conduct facility assessment including detailed field drawings of existing conditions.
  • Provide for engineering review of the building's structural capability to accept the additional loading of a PV system.
  • Provide for the assessment of wind loading requirements.
  • Conduct solar access and shading studies.
  • Perform assessments of existing electrical service and distribution on-site and within facility.
  • Determine conduit routing, inverter placement, and PV system interconnection location and method.
Ground Mount System site assessment
  • Direct, coordinate, and oversee civil/environmental/geo-tech engineers' on-site assessment considering factors impacting site suitability, development, and utilization regarding:
    • Zoning and easements.
    • Environmental, archeological, and wetland concerns.
    • History of use and prior contamination.
  • Determine site access, development costs, and construction logistical issues.
  • Examine activities on adjacent land that could adversely impact the solar project.
New construction
Incorporate innovative renewable energy into your new facility.

At Green World Renewable Energy, we have a long and unique history of including solar into new architecture.

Have an innovative new project idea? Choose GWRE as your innovation partner to fill in the details, as we will:

  • Work closely with the architect and entire design team to define program goals and explore the opportunities for integrated solar into the project.
  • Identify the most attractive options and define system components to achieve the architect's performance and aesthetic goals.
  • Provide initial solar harvest calculations to help balance the energy equation.
  • Consider on-site battery storage options for autonomous operation.
  • Support the architect and entire design team through Schematic Design, Drawing Development, and Construction to refine the solar system design and produce full solar construction documents and specifications.
Utility Interconnection

Take advantage of the opportunities in solar distributed generation.

Whether ground-mount or roof-mount we can help supply your solar production to the grid through assessing the utility interconnection requirements at your site and within the local distribution area by:

  • Determining the nature and capacity of the existing distribution feeder.
  • Certify the distance to the substation.
  • Evaluate the nature and cost of potential utility upgrade requirements.
  • Provide insight into the amount of DG already in place and the queue on the distribution feeder and substation.

We also provide for:

  • The development of collateral technical materials for utility interconnection applications including signed-and-sealed electrical plans.
  • Liaison with the utility on technical aspects of interconnection including in-depth, point-by-point assessment.
Design & Engineering
Every solar project displays different aspects.

At Green World Renewable Energy, we have unmatched solar design and engineering expertise, balancing feasibility and customer needs while integrating today's best technologies.

Regarding solar project design and feasibility, we can:

  • Serve as Engineers of Record for the solar project.
  • Provide full project solar / electrical / mechanical design and engineering.
  • Source and identify major long-lead system components-modules, inverters, and support structure-for best technical performance and value.
  • Provide complete signed-and-sealed construction documents and specifications for the solar system (including structural, civil, and geo-tech as desired.)
  • Define requirements for plant data acquisition and performance monitoring along with developing solution options.
Micro-grid System Design
The 3R Concept for energy are robust, responsive, and reliable.

GWRE has designed numerous unique micro-grid systems and suiting them to your needs is our strength.

Micro-grids are an effective solution for applications that:

  • Desire or require autonomous operation when the utility fails.
  • Are in areas where utility service is not available.

Green World Renewable Energy can provide complete design and engineering of a solar-plus-storage system, often in tandem with other on-site generation to provide utility-independent operation.

Approval & Permitting
We will help you to navigate the hurdles.

There are many logistics to take care of before the sunshine can get to work.

Fortunately, Green World Renewable Energy has the ability and expertise to smoothly direct projects through all the obstacles by:

  • Supporting Client Teams in meetings and presentations to the public or with planning/zoning boards and conservation commissions.
  • Working with local and state code officials.
  • Providing technical materials and support in obtaining necessary permits for construction.
  • Delivering signed-and-sealed, permit ready construction document sets (we have multi-state professional registrations).
  • Assisting in meetings and presentations with code officials on permit applications and technical aspects of the solar system.
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